time to buy a new brand of spirit gum – by Maureen Kingston

you deplete me : unpleat me : I’m lost lord : help me : help me : o : for christ’s sake : (for my sake) : I tell you : woman : stop praying : get off your knees : stop lifting your mouth to big G god : or : if you must : leave big daddy a parting gift : a vomitoxin : blight his wheat-head : chafe his delight : I tell you : woman : become sapphic : wanton : seek a double XX paradise : or better yet : a triple XXX eden : yes : a thai land : a land of ties : where all young men will beg to serve : will fight to service your plump : middle-aged body : will cook you gourmet meals on command : will wear head-to-toe black veils in your honor : will : (& this is essential : most important of all) : will (free-willingly) : bow down before you : & kiss your ring

—for Pope Francis

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  1. Matt Hollingsworth

    This is such a unique structure. I’m curious why you chose to write in this format. I also found the “double XX paradise, tripple XXX eden,” to be a clever play on words.


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