April Showers – Ray Scanlon

So little does it take to mitigate the horrors of IRS Form 1040, a spider in the mailbox, or repeatedly snagging pinkie toe on errant elastic while slithering one’s foot into a recalcitrant sock: Cheryl’s swift soft peck on the temple as I type at the computer, Bach’s Ascension Oratorio with the volume at 11, spring’s first dandelion. Anticipating spring’s first dandelion. Remembering last spring’s first dandelion. Continue reading April Showers – Ray Scanlon

Jinapher J. Hoffman – Somewhere Else, Anywhere Else

I reach up, stick my tongue out. Momma sings to Little Brother in the nursery. My toy is on the top shelf. I have to climb to get it. Dad’s downstairs. He bellows out bad words. Baseball is on. I brace myself on top of his dresser. Momma stops singing. Dad stops shouting. The house is quiet enough that I have to wait. The toy … Continue reading Jinapher J. Hoffman – Somewhere Else, Anywhere Else