April Showers – Ray Scanlon

So little does it take to mitigate the horrors of IRS Form 1040, a spider in the mailbox, or repeatedly snagging pinkie toe on errant elastic while slithering one’s foot into a recalcitrant sock: Cheryl’s swift soft peck on the temple as I type at the computer, Bach’s Ascension Oratorio with the volume at 11, spring’s first dandelion. Anticipating spring’s first dandelion. Remembering last spring’s first dandelion. Continue reading April Showers – Ray Scanlon

The Ten-a-Penny Parable – by Matt Hollingsworth

Alright, so we’re in a city, you all with me so far? So in this city there’s this man; we’ll call him Person A and Person A has ten million dollars in a briefcase. Don’t ask why he has so much money or why he’s choosing to carry it around with him. Anyway, we’ve got Person A with his wad of cash and he’s walking … Continue reading The Ten-a-Penny Parable – by Matt Hollingsworth

Jinapher J. Hoffman – Somewhere Else, Anywhere Else

I reach up, stick my tongue out. Momma sings to Little Brother in the nursery. My toy is on the top shelf. I have to climb to get it. Dad’s downstairs. He bellows out bad words. Baseball is on. I brace myself on top of his dresser. Momma stops singing. Dad stops shouting. The house is quiet enough that I have to wait. The toy … Continue reading Jinapher J. Hoffman – Somewhere Else, Anywhere Else

Jono Naito – Position

I suspected my music tutors were psychiatrists in disguise. It was all in code, Mrs. Osborne’s idea. They told me, “Second position.” “Elbow up.” “Slide to extended fourth.” The cello’s neck choked me; I never held it right. The Tuesday tutor would twist me like armature wire, and I would stifle discomfort. Their corrections meant other things, that my manners were out of place, that … Continue reading Jono Naito – Position