Becoming Jewish – by John C. Mannone

            After daddy died, I watched momma slowly convert from Sicilian Catholic to Baltimore Jew when she married Mr. David Morris. I met him long before momma did, at a local pool hall where he was a ball-racker, and bald, like I am now, and he had piercing eyes. I had no idea he would become my father. All I knew about him was that he was a … Continue reading Becoming Jewish – by John C. Mannone

Jono Naito – Position

I suspected my music tutors were psychiatrists in disguise. It was all in code, Mrs. Osborne’s idea. They told me, “Second position.” “Elbow up.” “Slide to extended fourth.” The cello’s neck choked me; I never held it right. The Tuesday tutor would twist me like armature wire, and I would stifle discomfort. Their corrections meant other things, that my manners were out of place, that … Continue reading Jono Naito – Position