Review of “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel

Literary sci-fi packed with metaphor, this book itself is proof of its major theme, that the beauty of life makes it worth living, beyond mere survival. The story surrounds two major events: the death of a man, and that of the earth as we know it, with the characters and their storylines sprouting from each. The growth of the two main characters, Jeevan and Kirsten, left me as a reader pining for each to pursue something beyond ordinary, and as they did or did not, hoping more for discovery than even for survival. This is a book about truth, acting, living, and purpose. One of my only regrets in reading it is that I want to know more and the author left many questions unanswered and instead relentlessly pursued the same story. Some instances of prose, while beautiful, were verbose or seemingly unnecessary. Some dialogue and character descriptions were (perhaps intentionally) ambiguous.

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