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Wood & Water Press is a publisher of short books that merge visuals with text. Richard j. Heby is the founding editor of Wood & Water Press. Pushing the Beechwood Review mission even further, Wood & Water press hopes to empower emerging and known authors. Because we publish and print small runs of physical books, we can focus on works that are visually stunning and of a high quality.

Wood & Water Press has published two books to date:

  • A Wonderful Catastrophe, by Colette Love Hilliard (June 2018)
    • “Absolutely beautiful, creative, and cohesive. I feel the vulnerability and resiliency of the journey through infertility the author shares. I admire her bravery and distinct artistic style. Highly recommend!” – Lynne Spease
    • “I’ve never before read Blackout Poetry, but after reading this, I want to read more if it’s all of the same caliber. An emotionally charged collection of poems with an absolutely beautiful execution, these poems are sure to provoke both thoughts and emotional reactions from any reader.” – Alex
    • “Colette’s poetry is breathtaking and so moving! Through her use of art and found poetry, she tells her story – which we all appreciate. ❤️” – J’Von Halbert
  • The Book of Ornaments, by Sam Pink (December 2018)
    •  “the first 10 pages work well as a children’s book, and my infant very much enjoyed me reading it to her. she was engaged and delighted by the high contrast images and a simple (if disjointed/abstract) narrative. but then the narrative sort of melts a little bit and the true vignette-based structure starts to shine, each page requiring more contemplation & meditation, some pages with no narration at all — just images — but these are very striking pages full of full-color horror, powerful and strange. you start to think, “hey, i thought this was a kid’s book! what’s happening, man?” and a voice in your heart whispers back: “you were wrong.”

      the last few pages are sort of like a collection of the b-sides tacked on to the end of the japanese import version of your favorite album, pages full of little sketches collage’d together. very good.

      all in all, very strong mix of aphorism and image. a very high quality art book. highly recommended.” – Zac Smith

    • “From the mind of Sam Pink – poignant, emotive words and expressive artwork (some from my collection!) make this beautiful and skillfully curated chaos a true coffee table book to be enjoyed by friends, enemies, and anyone who enters your home or cardboard box. Richard Heby of artweare.us (https://artweare.us/collections/Sam-Pink) did a fantastic job creating a high quality book that captures the essence of Sam’s art. While I still prefer the originals, the Book of Ornaments gives everyone an opportunity to marvel a heaping book full of this delicious brain fruit with some extra special Pink sauce. Buy it! You will not be disappointed, if you are you can give it to someone who will appreciate it you artless bastard. 🙂 ” – Nefariousbig

Wood & Water Press is partner company of ArtWeAre.us, a website that markets, sells, and merchandizes art, prints, clothing, and books (on behalf of Wood & Water Press). The publisher is maintains rights under ArtWeAre LLC d/b/a Wood & Water Press.

About Beechwood Review

Beechwood Review is currently on hiatus, having published three amazing issues in a two-year span.

Beechwood Review is a digital and print publication featuring visual art, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. The name comes from the street that my grandmother lived on for the majority of the time that I knew her, Beechwood Way. She was a woman who appreciated literature, film, the arts, and humor, especially fart humor.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously here, and by we I mean me. I say “we” in the hopes that you think there’s a big team behind this small review, but there isn’t. It’s just me, Richard J. Heby—writer and editor from New York City. I like minimalism. My belief is that chaos and reason are closely connected. I like words and pictures that show that. The reason I started this review was so I could showcase that kind of work and to bring attention to authors and work that may otherwise go unnoticed.

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  1. According to the records I keep, Beechwood Review accepted my story “What?” for publication. When I tried checking on correspondence with Beechwood, I could not find anything, not even a record of submission.

    Did I imagine that I submitted “What?” and it was accepted. I don’t hallucinate much, but it is possible.

    Thanks for your help, Doug.

    1. Hi Doug! Yes you did not hallucinate. Although change around a few letters in the first line of “What?” and it it would seem like a story about yourself! I’ll be posting your piece to the website on Wednesday July 1.

    1. Upon receipt of 100 pages worth of worthy content, we will close the open-call for submissions and release the second issue soon afterwards. Thank you!

    1. It’s true Nichole! Read through submissions guidelines (beechwoodreview.com/submit) before submitting, and please note we’re not currently open for submissions until the end of the month.

  2. Hi Richard,

    You published some of my poetry in your last issue, so I thought I’d ask if you’d like a free copy of my new collection, On the Edge of a Very Small Town.

    If you’re interested, just shoot me a snail mail address and I’ll put your copy in the mail.

    Thanks again for accepting my work,

    Mark Jackley

    1. Mark, would love a copy. I’ll email you my details. How long’s the book? I’m happy to give it a read through, but typically will only review works up to 100 pages or shorter.

  3. I am thrilled to have found this “little” review, Richard. It is this kind of pure love of all thing brief and beautiful that give hope to the artists and writers known only to friends and family who seek to make a more lasting imprint for those who may find a lost painting or scrap of paper years from now. Thank you
    Jerry Dreesen

  4. Hello. Your website has been added my list at https://dlshirey.com/flash-fiction-list/. There are over 280 publications, like yours, that feature writers’ shorter works, not longer pieces. Click on over to see if I’ve gotten your info correct.

    Please, if you think other writers will find this list valuable, I’d appreciate you spreading the word in a tweet or post. Oh, and If you know of other sites that I’ve missed, give me a shout. —DL Shirey

    1. What a pleasure to meet you this weekend Jody! Looking forward to reading your work on the plane ride home

    1. Hey Fred – well there’s no hard date, as I’m still editing and formatting BR3. But once that’s I anticipate it’ll be Fall 2017 when we reopen for submissions.

  5. Well, I just figured out that Issue 3 is available on Amazon. And I ordered a copy. I didn’t know how to order it. You must be swamped. Hope to see updates on your website before too long. Hang in there! –cathy

    1. Cathy – it’s a treat to hear from you, and I hope you enjoy BR3. Many talented writers in there. You’re right, though, I’ve been swamped. I apologize! Working on a book with an amazingly talented writer & artist. Stay tuned 😀

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