Wood & Water Press

Having edited and published 3 issues of Beechwood Review, it’s time to set our sights on new things, for now.

Under a new imprint “Wood & Water”, check out our forthcoming release, A Wonderful Catastrophe by Colette Love Hilliard.

Like Beechwood Review, Wood & Water Press publishes minimalist writing and art. Unlike Beechwood Review, Wood & Water Press is devoted to publishing collections with work by single authors. This is a joint project between me, Richard J. Heby, and Mark Danowsky, who’s Managing Editor at Schuylkill Valley Journal. Please email us with any questions.

So what are we looking for? Well – we’re looking for writers and artists, not just their work. We want someone who melds form & content, with context. Someone who experiments. Authors who understand writing, but know when to ramble and when to cut it short. Artists who are masters of distilling moments, ideas, and images.

To submit, first query using the form below. In your message, include book title, number of pages, genre, and a couple sentences about the collection.